Myhomeinlisbon was born in 2006 inside a house in Graça neighborhood in Lisbon. Along 14 years there was a permanent transformation process going on, but the same core spirit overflying: amazing encounters happened around the breakfast table, people over the world shared and exchanged ideas, contacts, experiences… around this table new friendships were born that are still alive today. Soon the table will have a new roof to lay under but I’ve decided to turn this site and the brand I created along the years with such love and care into a platform from where I’ll share the projects of the people who passed through this house and my life.

One of you told me once “myhomeinlisbon is you and your ability to make things happen, to provoque unexpected encounters. Your way of being creates a permanent exchange among those around you”. This is exactly what I’m going to try to do via this platform. Little by little I’ll add new projects that I’m sure will generate new ones that we’ll enjoy together.

I decided to write myself the English version of this site. Please forgive any mistakes: i want you to read as if we were together, with all the mistakes I know I do when I speak (or write) English.

María Ulecia