https://speedofsolitude.com/ is a website from where one of our dearest guests shares its pasión for solo long races both running and cycling. I love the central idea on it: we all need to find our new solitude routines and try to get a grip on life at the same time.

Joachim stay for the first time at myhomeinlisbon 10 years ago. He came alone and as far as I can remember I was not home and my friend Pierre came to welcome him. I already knew something about him as I used to read his blog from where he talked about cycling and a lot about the Tour de France which is a subject I’m passionate about since I was a girl (I guess my father had something to do with this!) .

My Speed of Solitude project started as a kind of experiment as I found myself running and cycling, and really enjoyed doing that alone. Coming from rock bottom after diagnosed with this rare form of blood cancer two years ago, I use this running and cycling to stay in control (or at least have the feeling of staying in control over my body ;)) Speed of Solitude became more like a public notebook for me to share my though lines, activities and ideas around this theme.
So at this moment it’s more this experiment, forcing myself to read and write a bit more in around theme, but as more and more people feel connected to it, it might get something bigger in the future. I guess it’s also a theme in which more people are interested in, especially in days like these… Finding our new (solitude) routines and trying to get a grip on life at the same time. In a way (especially after reading ‘Running with the mind of Meditation’ by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche) Speed of Solitude is a constant lesson for myself to stay in the here and now, enjoy every mile of running and cycling, and creating a routine to think and write about it.”

Along the years Joachim returned several times to Lisbon, alone, with friends or with his beautiful family that we’ve seen growing little by little, and we created a kind of nice friendship. After some time without news we exchanged mails last year and he told me about this strange illness he suffered. I was shocked: someone healthy, that used to practice exercise regularly was confined to a sedentary life…

It made me so happy to know about his recovery and to see he didn’t loose his passion for long distance solo exercise which now became a kind of both physical and soul healing. I share this project from my conviction about the idea that we all carry inside a kind of unpleasant noise inside us, and practicing something like running, cycling or just walking, solo and silent, can help us achieve and embrace a more conscious and healthy life.