Over the last weeks I observe from a side certain people reactions, I’m specially interested on how small local business are dealing with the new scenario Covid 19 imposed. Imagination and desire become the best allies. I was happily surprised to know about a few of my favorite Lisbon restaurants and how they have changed their business into take-away from one day to another. I liked them all so much when I was living in Lisbon but now I like you even more. I share your news from the deepest admiration. We must support small local business, especially of those like you who give cities like Lisbon its unique and special character.

Tasca Kome started serving take-away right on the day confinement started, and a few days later also home delivery (7 days per week) of the best they can offer: traditional Japanese food and a few news, being able to adapt every day to the fresh products they can get to achieve their quality. Arigato Yuko! Can’t wait to come back to my favourite zukedon! [211340117/in-site/Ubereats]

Taberna da Rua das Flores created the #tabernaencasa on March 21st and brings you home (every day in Lisbon and Friday on the south bank) or you can pick up in the restaurant their best recipes, vacuum packed so you can enjoy them whenever you like. The best of Portuguese kitchen using natural ingredients from local producers. Obrigada Bárbara, André, Vanessa, Tiago, mmm… these Sado river oysters! [213479418/Ubereats]

The next one was Boi Cavalo, who recovered the #phoicavalo project created for the Architecture Trienal a few years ago and prepare the most delicious pho together with dumplings and the best fried chicken in 3 versions: adults, kids and sandwiches, and they serve it together with a hobbie designed to entertain this strange time. Força Hugo! I’d love one of your phoi for dinner tonight!! [938752355/Ubereats]

Estrela da Bica has been the last to join the club, with a proposal based on the idea of bringing home the experience of the restaurant as a way to help us escape from the routine and forget (if possible) any concern. Each week they propose a couple of menus for 2 people, one more classic and another with a twist. They deliver home and all around Lisbon, with a flower to celebrate spring. Rita, Romi, Marta… parabéns today more than ever!! [Whatsapp 964570458]

It won’t be easy for any of them. In fact this crisis will close lots of restaurants but it conforts me to think that there are a few brave ones with enough energy to keep on bringing happiness through a delicious meal to our tables. I dream on coming back to Lisbon and travel from one to another!


Tasca Kome Lisboa [211340117]
Taberna Rua das Flores [213479418]
Boi Cavalo [938752355]
Estrela da Bica [964570458]